Spot Quotes

There are many ways to obtain competitive volume freight quotes; it usually requires calling your favorite go-to people. It’s always a good thing to have a personal relationship with your trusted partners. WDX offers a hybrid system for reaching out to them but reaching others too for additional opportunities.

Picture this! Your Chicago team has volume freight expected to be available from several locations around the country. Multiple dimensions will need to be considered. WDX provides an accessible format to enter all the freight details using filters, lists of providers that match the territories, and volume requirements. Select the vendors of choice and click submit. They will go to specific quote specialists at those firms.

One form is sent to many service providers, done! All on the same page, eliminating email fragmentation and confusion. All quote returns have quote numbers to use when the shipment is ready to go.

Hey, you will still be able to call your favorite people to say hello!